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"Continuous improvement is not about the things you do well — that’s work. Continuous improvement is about removing the things that get in the way of your work. The headaches, the things that slow you down, that’s what continuous improvement is all about." ~Bruce Hamilton

            "Deliver The highest quality in the shortest lead time at the lowest cost."

Make rapid improvements to your business and solve your continuous improvement challenges - just the catalyst you need to get moving faster.

  • Learn to solve issues with lean tools, culture change, communication, getting everyone on board.

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  1. Increase productivity or capacity 20% (Productivity)

  2. Resolve daily huddle issues raised but not resolved  (Work Center Team)

  3. Reduce cycle time or changeover time by 20%  (Quick Changeover)

  4. Resolve all problems reported at daily meetings - Track actions.  (Work Center Team)

  5. Eliminate repetitive problems (Problem Solving)

  6. Coach leaders to observe the process on the floor​ to improve results (Observe Analyze Improve)

  7. Use good problem solving techniques versus trial & error  Problem Solving)

  8. Create an effective system for making improvements (Lean Management System)

  9. Become proficient at identify waste & opportunities (Observe Analyze Improve, 7 Wastes)

  10. Learn how to do "kaizen" (Kaizen)

  11. Map your process to see how each department fits into the big picture (Value Stream Map)

  12. Our daily meetings show how we think/ act in silos versus the team (Work Center Team)

  13. Reduce waiting waste - for decisions, materials, test results (7 Deadly Wastes)

  14. Reduce time wasted looking for tools, materials, documentation (Work Center Team)

  15. Reduce cluttered inventory on the floor (Kanban)

  16. Eliminate stock outs on the floor (Kanban)

  17. Execute a single best practice method for doing our work (Standard Work)

  18. Eliminate clutter from work areas  (5S)

  19. Reduce change over from one product to another (Quick Changeover)

We have proven techniques to address each of these issues.  Let's start!


"Steve works closely with managers teaching them to Observe, Analyze and Improve their processes. 

His direct coaching led to improving multiple issues on the floor."