About us

  • My consulting expertise is based on 30 years of making improvements at world class companies like Proctor & Gamble, Gillette, Amgen and the U.S. Army Engineers.

  • Continuous improvement is my passion and I look forward to sharing and learning more from every engagement.

Most businesses struggle to Implement lean/ continuous improvement.  We succeed with a unique effective approach.  We take one department and create a model operating process for them in 12 weeks.  This includes developing  the right daily visual metrics, daily tracking and fixing of the issues that interrupt the work flow, coaching to see and eliminate the 7 deadly wastes and problem solving techniques.  We modify behaviors and your staff will now operate like the team you always wanted.


  • Eliminate site bottleneck by reducing variation, identifying waste in cycle time and implementing change.

  • ​Facilitate > 75 Kaizen events making improvements from motion & waiting waste to mapping the process.

  • Reduce time to move incoming materials from quarantine to release status by 50%.

  • Implement daily Work Center Teams to streamline communications, identify work flow interrupters and manage corrective action.

  • Save $500,000 per year by automating the delivery and loading of plastic components for 300/ minute production line.

  • Train 15 managers to observe their process for the 7 Wastes, latent safety & quality issues and hard work.  This was the foundation for a project with others reducing 100,000 hours of non value adding work.

One company was experiencing long delays in releasing incoming materials and materials building up in queue.  A new work

center team focused on a visual control board along with 5S activities reduced the material days in queue by 97%.

A 100+ facility maintenance contractor reviewed daily issues but most were not acted on.  Introducing a work center team with metrics and visual management and meeting discipline solved 300+ work flow interrupters.  This became the contractor's best practice.


I have been fortunate to have some exciting and varied experiences that shape my outlook towards what is really possible: 

Earned a private pilot license, SCUBA certification, Eagle Scout, military parachutist, real estate broker license, Amica marathon runner, married in Mexico City and adopted two great children. I still enjoy the outdoors with sailing and metal detecting. 



To be honest, it won't work unless you have top down commitment and lean coaches with proven history of success.

When you have those ingredients to can accomplish great things.

  • Let's map your process, identify the bottlenecks and the opportunities to improve.

  • We will teach your leaders & staff 1:1 how to do this on their own!