Budgeting Considerations

  1. Budgeting is based on contact hours.  No additional cost for time required to prepare customized materials.

  2. Most simple tool training takes 2-4 hours. Add 1 hour for recommended site tour for more targeted dialog.

  3. Kaizen or longer improvement efforts range from 4 hours to 7 days depending on the scope.

  4. Developing the effective daily work center team with visual management, problem solving and 7 Waste training is estimated at half days for 12 weeks.  During the last 6 weeks a second work center team can be started.

  5. Coaching a manager to Observe Analyze & Improve a process may take 2-3 hours on each of 3 days.  I recommend that I then mentor that manager to coach another manager to start building a critical mass.

  6. Developing a value stream map takes 4 hours to 2 days depending on scope.

  7. Hourly rate is $150.00

  8. For distance travel (air/ hotel) add minimal travel expense.

  9. Payments are due NLT 30 days after invoicing.


Ask yourself "What is the cost of not taking the action to improve your process, eliminate the non value adding work, improve capacity, shorten cycle time?"

It is not unusual to have a 10:1 return on a correctly facilitated and executed effort.

I measure my success by how well we develop your problem or opportunity statement and then how well we achieve the agreed on metrics.


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