Killer Phrases - Which ones hold back your continuous improvements?

1.  A good idea, but …

2.  Against company policy

3.  All right in theory

4.  Can’t do it in a cGMP area

5.  Costs too much

6.  Don’t start anything yet

7.  It needs more study

8.  It’s not budgeted

9.  It’s not good enough

10.It’s not part of your job

11.Let’s make a survey first

12.Let’s sit on it for a while

13.That’s not our problem

14.That needs a change control

15.The boss won’t go for it

16.It might introduce risk

17.The old timers won’t use it

18.Too hard to administer

19. We have done it this way for a long time & it works

20. If it was good, it would have been done before

21. Ahead of the times

22. Let’s discuss it

23. Let’s form a committee

24. We’ve never done it that way

25. Who else has tried it?

26. We’re on the target, why do we have to do better?

27. That needs to go to governance

28. We’ll have to socialize it

29. We don’t have the resources

30. That will require an SOP change

31. That’s not validated

32. We don’t have the bandwidth

33. I don’t have permission

34. I assumed someone else took care of it.

"We already know that making an improvement

can be challenging so don’t tell me all the challenges.

Instead, tell me the solutions! - What must we do

to make this improvement?"


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