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  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce Scrap

  • Shorten cycle time

  • Right First Time Quality

  • Enable staff with the correct

      methods & tools

  • Change Management


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 “7 Deadly Wastes”

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Your 7 Wastes

  1. MOTION:  Excess walking or movement by people, extra trips, meetings, searching for tools or materials.

  2. TRANSPORTATION: Excess movement of tools or materials.  Moving things from place to place.  Deliver only to point of use, not staging areas.

  3. DEFECTS:  Any mistake or error.  Scheduling error, wrong material delivery, out of spec product or information.

  4. EXCESS INVENTORY (WIP):  More parts, materials, raw materials, computers, than will be used in a very short period of time. Producing ahead of the schedule or before the customer needs it.

  5. OVER PROCESSING: Doing more steps or work than is required to meet customer demand. Over batching, creating scrap, packaging materials that are trashed. Excessive testing.

  6. WAITING/ IDLE TIME:  Watching an automated process or waiting for it to finish, waiting for a part or raw material to be delivered, waiting for a downstream vessel to be emptied to proceed to the next step. Waiting for schedule information or test results.

  7. EXCESS FINISHED GOODS:  More finished product than the customer is demanding right now.

Tools to eliminate waste

  • Value Stream Map

  • Process map with additions of cycle time, hand-offs, staff level, scrap, distance, etc.

  • Spaghetti Diagrams

  • Find motion waste such as searching for tools, parts, information.

  • Time Study

  • How long does it really take to do a task and how much of that is really adding value?

  • Standard Work

  • Find the best practice, improve it, document it, standardize the method across all performers. Improves method and reduces variation.

“Steve works closely with managers teaching them how to Observe, Analyze & Improve their processes. This direct coaching led to improving multiple issues on the floor.”

“Steve is recognized as a consistent, high quality contributor. He delivered results exceeding the goals and continues to demonstrate good values and leadership attributes.”