Rapid Lean Transformation Project

If you want to get started in lean fast or to accelerate your lean transformation which may be going slower than you planned, consider implementing "Rapid Lean Transformation."  This is the most powerful approach for quickly making a significant cultural impact.

This transformation process can provide all the basics for an individual department in approximately 12 weeks.  This will require RapidLeanCoach to spend half days coaching your team on all the steps.

What do you get?  What will be the impact on this department?

  1. The daily meeting (huddle) will consist of the right stakeholders and decision makers to review the past 24 hours against specific selected metrics that are key to your performance.  This may start at 30 minutes but practice gets it to 15.

    • The daily meeting follows a very specific agenda keeping the team focused only on what is important.

    • Key metrics such as Safety, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, Productivity/Costs will be prepared and daily coded as red or green according to the performance criteria we set.

    • Countermeasure Board (Short interval control):  Each stakeholder present will update the team on performance results and issues over the last 24 hours.  A member will document every issue (work flow interrupter) on the countermeasure board.  The information includes type of issue, what the issue is (pain felt), what the next step is, the owner, date when owner will report back and finally the status towards completion. My last client fixed 300 issues over an 8 month period most of which would have lingered on without this discipline.

  2. Problem solving skills will be developed (5 Whys, A3, Fishbone)

  3. The 7 Wastes will be taught, coached and reduced

  4. 5S - we will do kaizen to organize the work space and reduce clutter sustainably.

  5. KEY CONCEPT:  Leaders will be coached how to go to their process and observe for the 7 Wastes, latent safety & quality issues and trust & respect for the staff.


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