Free 2 Hour 7 Deadly Wastes Workshop

Over 900 of my participants have contributed to reducing the wastes in their business processes.

  1. You will be able to identify the 7 wastes in your work area and why we must eliminate them in our pursuit of Lean operations.

  2. You will be able to explain why eliminating waste is critical to profitability, capacity to expand and to customer/patient satisfaction. This gives a common objective and framework for all staff to be working together.

  3. You will have a basic understanding of how wastes take root.  Your challenge in future workshops is to learn the tools to eliminate the wastes with your team.

What is "waste"?

"Anything that uses resources like people, material, space

or money and does not directly add value for the customer".

Workshop Agenda

  1. What is "waste" and how does it take root?

  2. Exactly what are the 7 wastes?

  3. Video example of before and after eliminating waste in a simple process

  4. Discuss of learning points

  5. Practical exercise - learners generate 50-75 actual wastes/ improvement opportunities in your process to eliminate

  6. Your Call to Action is to learn the tools to eliminate these wastes to improve productivity, cycle time & communication in your business.

Guarantee:  Your staff will go back to their work and see everything they do in through a new lens of awareness! This will either jump start or advance your improvement journey.


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